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Tidy Keepers Express
Columbia MO House Cleaning and Maid Services
Columbia MO Eco-Safe Housekeeping

Customizable Service to Meet Your Cleaning Needs

Everyday House Cleaning

Do you just need help cleaning the basics?  

The Everyday Clean covers the basics: santize kitchen & bath, dusting top to bottom, and even make the bed! We'll  finish with the floors, leaving behind a trail of citrus aroma.

Two Cleaners for $60 per Hour
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Deluxe House Cleaning

Has it been a while since you've done a through in-depth clean?  

You're ready for a Deluxe Clean when simply dusting is not doing the trick.  We will hand wipe the entire home from top to bottom!

Two Cleaners for $60 per Hour
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Eco-friendly Office Cleaning

Can your employees be doing more for your business than keeping up with the chourse?

We know your busy running your own business.  Let us take one thing off you to-do list.  We use eco-friendly product to protect your health... and ours.  

Two Cleaners for $60 per Hour

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Additional Add On
  1. Wash and Fold Laundry
    Wash and Fold Laundry
    Yes! That's right we'll wash, fluff and fold your laundry. Just sparte the loads for us and we'll do the rest; using your laundry detergent. $15 per Load (+15 mins)
  2. Appliance Deep Clean
    Appliance Deep Clean
    Do the appliance need some freshen up? We'll make them look like new. Inside of the Refrigerator $30 (+30 mins) Inside of the Oven $60 (+60 mins)
  3. Dishes
    Are the dishes piling up? We are here to help. We will handwash and load the dishwasher. $25 per Load (+ 25 mins)
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Our Features

  1. Customized Service Checklist
    We realize every home is different, thus their needs are different too. We make notes of your needs, and preferences to design a custom checklist just for you.
  2. Appointment Reminders
    Your busy... don't worry we will remind you by text, call or email two days before your appointment. This will give you a little time to pick-up or write list, if you should want to.
  3. Online Booking
    Too busy to call and book a cleaning? Book online. That's all you need to do, we'll show up and do the rest.
  4. All Natural Cleaning Products
    All products are 100% eco-friendly and guaranteed to not only clean up your home, but to also leave a trail of citrus aroma in each room we touch.
  5. Paperless Billing
    Tired of getting bills in the mail? And love the trees? Tidy Keepers Express will email you all invoices (unless requested otherwise).
  6. All Major Credit Cards Accepted
    No checks? Or saving credit card points? No problem, we accept all major credit cards!