Our Packages
Give the gift of time!  Unleash the magic with one of these packages.   All packages are for Two Hours with two of our trained cleaners.  Gift Certificates are available apon request.  

Our Package Include:

  1. Same Day Same Time Schdeduling
    Automatically schedule for the same day of the week and same time of day. (All weekly and biweekly clients)
  2. Appointment Reminders
    We will send an email, text or call two day before your cleaning. Just let us what you prefer.
  3. Customized Checklist
    We will create a checklist just for your home.
  1. Trained Cleaners
    All of our cleaners are trained before ever entering a single property. Tidy Keeper Express has developed a clean process to focus on safety, efficiency and quality.
  2. We'll Tidy Up
    Dish will find there way to the kitchen, while laundry to make it to the hamper, and every bed will be made.
  3. Insured and Bonded
    We have you covered should an accident occur.