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Everyday Clean

Every Day Clean

Do you just need help the basics?  

The Everyday Clean covers the basics: santize kitchen & bath, dusting top to bottom, and finishing with the floors.  We'll even make the bed!  Let our two person clean team help you today.

$60 per hour

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Two Person Teams

Eco-Friendly Products

Pet Friendly

To insure we are in and out in no time we clean in teams of two.  This also gives us an extra set of eyes to much sure nothing is left undone.
All products are 100% eco-friendly and guaranteed to not only clean up your home, but to also leave a trail of citrus aroma in each room we touch.  The products used by Tidy Keepers Express ranges from ammonia-free glass cleaner, Citrasolv, and Barkeepers Friend. 
We are animal lovers!  Just please let us know who to expect.  We like to know all of our customers names (we know you are not the one making all the mess).  If you want we'll even let your dog out, provided you have a fenced in yard..

Everyday Clean Checklist
  1. Remove cobwebs
  2. Feather dust light fixtures
  3. Vacuum and mop floor
  4. Feather dust furniture and electronics
  5. Spot clean glass doors
  6. Wipe the inside and outside of microwave
  7. Wipe sink, countertops, and the outside of appliances
  8. Wipe mirrors
  9. Clean toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks with Citrasolv
  10. Change sheets and pillowcases