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Tidy Keepers Express
Columbia MO House Cleaning and Maid Services
Columbia MO Eco-Safe Housekeeping

Family and Friends gathering at
your house... but you have
no time to clean?

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Looking to regain some of your valuable free time?  Need a break from the demands of household cleaning? ​ We'll tidy up, so you don't have to!

 Tidy Keepers Express is an eco-friendly maid service in Columbia, MO, dedicated to helping the busy people of our community take back those hours spent straining, scrubbing and mopping.   We believe you have more important things to do, so...  
Let us help! We'll get the dirt off your hands and out of your house. 

Our cleaning products are 100% eco-friendly and guaranteed to not only clean up your home while leaving a trail of citrus aroma in every room we touch.  

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Tidy Keepers Express LLC

All Natural Cleaning Products

All products are 100% eco-friendly and guaranteed to not only clean up your home, but to also leave a trail of citrus aroma in each room we touch. 
Tidy Keepers Express wants to leave you with a clean safe home, that's why we chose eco-friendly products.  
Cleaning for A Reason
We belive in giving back.  Thanks to our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason we are donating free two hour housecleanings to women battling cancer.  Every women figthing cancer deserves a clean home where they can heal.  
Pet Friendly
We are animal lovers! Just please let us know who to expect. We like to know all of our customers names (we know you not the one making all the mess). If you want we'll even let your dog out, provided you have a fenced in yard.